13 Witches: “The Sexiest Witches Story Ever Told!”

From the Creator Sabine Mondestin.

This 70’s feel, Horror “B” Series/Movie is sure to bewitch you and leave you asking for more. See for yourself why 13 Witches has 10’s of Million Views/Fans Worldwide.

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Plot Summary:

“13 Witches is a Fantasy Horror story where thirteen sisters who practiced paganism, centuries ago, were wrongfully accused of being witches. They were tortured, punished and burned alive by those they loved. Only one of the sisters escaped: Nemesis. A deal is struck between Nemesis and the Devil and centuries later, the sisters have been reincarnated and seek revenge on the ones who stole their lives.”



Hardcore Fans must see this Interview Documentary with Sabine Mondestin (Writer, Producer, Director and Lead Actress of 13 Witches). The Queen Talks & Answer Questions about the Show & her Inspirations.

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